Dating in 2018 – Take Your ‘Situationship’, and FUCK OFF

Dating in 2018

Situationship – “A relationship that has no label on it… like a friendship, but more than a friendship, but not quite a relationship.” – Urban Dictionary.

What’s 1 word, 5 syllables and sums up modern day dating in a nutshell?


The year is 2018 and we’ve come a long way from the days where ‘dating’ and ‘courting’ were at the forefront of society. A ‘courtship’ was a period of dating used to determine whether two people were suited to marry. Essentially, you would only ‘court’ someone if you intended to marry him/her.

All modern-day bullshit aside, isn’t dating therefore the same thing as courting? If you think about it… why would you date, and then enter into a relationship with someone that you couldn’t see a future with? Obviously not all relationships work out, but you give it your best shot right?

However, for some reason the concept of ‘dating’ has become less and less clean cut as time has gone by. The technical term for dating depicts a ‘trial period’ that two people enter into before deciding to embark on a fully-fledged relationship…

… But who gives a fuck about technical terminologies these days?

Not us. We are the millennials. We’ve taken the historical concept of dating and dashed it out the window. If ‘dating’ or ‘relationship’ were on Tinder, then they would get swiped left by the majority of us because we’re too curious about what else there is to offer.

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