21 Questions with Charlotte

21 Questions

Charlotte (a.k.a @chill890) and I have been friends for about 10 years now. She is just about as brutal as I am and our friendship is based around who can take the piss out of each other the most. I thought it would be a good idea to do a collaborative post where we each answer 21 questions about the other person (and some about ourselves).

So without further ado, meet my friend Charlotte and find out some embarrassing facts about me, happy days:

  1. Describe Each Other in 3 Words?

E: Annoying, Organised and Funny.

C: Funny, Sarcastic, Caring

  1. What was your first impression of each other?

E: Charlotte joined our school in Year 10 so she wasn’t gang at first. She had a lot of catching up to do. Before they join, all the new starters have to come for a trial day. Before she came there were rumours of a girl with red hair joining, so I instantly didn’t like her because I’m territorial. On her trial day I remember someone was showing her round and they were walking past my boarding house so I leant out of my window and shouted something down, can’t remember what exactly, probs some sort of abuse. Anyway she didn’t really have red hair, I think she just saw a red hair on her head one day and though yeah I’m ginger now. I didn’t speak to her for a while but then we ended up in the same Science class and I realised she was quite funny, so I allowed her to be my friend.

C: I met Ellie in Science class, which was hardly a place to cement a strong friendship. I thought she was quiet at first and probably a bit of bitch. Then I saw her diamante iPod and I knew we would be great friends. We actually ended up bonding over having the same taste in music. Those were the days when it wasn’t that cool to like rnb/hip hop.

  1. Funniest Memory from a Holiday?

E: Scooping up Charlotte’s belongings off of Barcelona Beach whilst she was running into the sea in the clean leggings I had leant her and our other friend was throwing up and building a sand castle on top of it. They managed to amass a troup of thieves who were following our footsteps waiting for us to drop something.

C: We’ve been on a lot of holidays together so this is quite hard! We went to Hvar in Croatia with a group of friends and were in a bar on a night out. I had just been to the toilet and was walking back when I noticed a clutch bag on the floor of the bar – one that looked familiar. As I got closer I realised it was Ellie’s clutch…I walked a few more steps and saw some legs that looked familiar as well. I arrived at the scene to 3 of my friends lying on a pile on the floor, Ellie on top of the pile. They had attracted a semi circle of viewers. I didn’t know whether to be embarrassed or impressed.

E: We had fallen over I wasn’t on the floor for fun -_-

  1. Your biggest Fashion Faux Pas?

E: My year 11 eyebrows. I’d rather not dwell on the memory.

C: I’ve had a few in my life, and have been really lucky that Ellie is there to constantly remind me of them. Biggest would have to be me getting black hair with a black fringe in sixth form. My hair is really fine so it was the worst fringe ever. Glad there are still photos of it knocking about as well.

E: ‘My hair was really fine so it was the worst fringe ever’ … yeah that and the fact that it looked greasy as fuck.

C: Shall we go back to your year 11 eyebrows?

  1. What’s the most embarrassing thing I’ve done?

C: Ellie used to have a phobia of flying when we were younger, and after we finished our A-Levels, we went on a girls trip to Spain (as you do). Ellie was a bit nervous at the airport, and thought it would be a great idea at the check-in desk to make a bomb joke. It was so embarrassing getting a huge telling off from the woman at the check in desk.

E: In my defense in any other scenario that would have been great banter. Not so funny when she threatened to not put me on the flight.

  1. Have we ever fallen out?

C: Only once! When we were 15 so around 10 years ago. Essentially I got drunk and kissed Ellie’s ex-boyfriend at a party. Absolute error on my part and the fall out was my fault. Telling Ellie was horrendous. However, she subsequently sent me a letter with a death threat in it. About 3 days later we made up and were laughing about how she never even fancied the guy in the first place.

E: Charlotte got with one of my ex-bfs at school. After finding out I went to my friend’s house and got paralytic off of gin–and-tonic and threw up in the middle of the car park out of the side of my then boyfriend’s car. I didn’t speak to Charlotte for a week and wrote her a very long, passionate letter about how much I hated her. We made up after a few days. I’ve not been able to drink gin since.

  1. Funniest Memory from Our friendship?

C: It is impossible to pick just one! We are always having fun. This is by no means the funniest one, just one of many. Ellie and I went to winter wonderland whilst we were at uni. We are both quite athletic naturally and thought – ice skating? No problem. Turns out, it was a problem. We are both absolutely shocking, to the point where the steward on the ice told us to stop messing around and skate properly. We were not messing about, we were just that shit.

E: I think he was telling me off for talking selfies lol.

  1. What has been the worst thing a boy has done to you?

E: Have another girlfriend for 3 years. Banter.

C: I used to live with my ex-boyfriend and found he had been ‘sexting’ one of his ex-girlfriends. Safe to say we broke up soon after.

  1. Who is your celeb crush?

E: Chris Brown, next stupid question.

C: A tough question – I’d probably have to say Tom Hardy. Although, when I was younger I used to be OBSESSED with Lil Wayne. To the point my boyfriend at the time bought me a massive poster of him to put up in my dorm room so I would shut up about it.

E: She’s so white.

  1. What is a quote that keeps you going in life?

E: Fuck bitches, get money.

C: aha! I used to be one of those girls that had ‘LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH’ signs in her bedroom. I love a quote. I would probably say just be yourself and be happy. Even though I have been told many a time I have a real resting bitch face, I’m actually quite an upbeat and happy/smiley person.

E: Sure.

C: Fuck off.

  1. Have you ever liked each other’s boyfriends?

E: If like translates into not really then yeah sure.

C: Nope. No pressure for the next one.

  1. What is your pet peeve?

E: Everything is my pet peeve. But today I’m gonna go for girls that wear ballet pumps. Why do you do this? 1. They look shit, 2. They shouldn’t even be classified as a shoe because their soles are about as thick as my eyebrows in year 11, 3. They probably stink and 4. When it rains it looks like you are wearing flippers.

C: I really can’t stand it when people smoke and walk at the same time – so the smoke then blows all in my face and hair. It drives me insane. I don’t smoke myself so I don’t need to be smoking yours either! People should stand still and smoke. Seriously.

  1. What has been each other’s lowest moment?

E: On Friday Charlotte got kicked out of G.A.Y for trying to run away from the bouncer and accusing her of fancying her. I came outside to find her sat on the pavement in her pink coat slumped against the wall. She then dropped her clutch bag and climbed underneath a parked car to retrieve half of its contents.

C: We had been on a night out once and woke up with the worst hangovers known to man. It was 8am and we thought it would be a great idea to put on some hi-vis jackets (by the way, wouldn’t recommend these on a hangover) and go for a run in the countryside. Ellie, however, had cystitis. So every few steps we had to stop so she could wee in the bush. Awful.

  1. Are you good wing woman?

E: One time I made Charlotte drive all the way to Manchester from Norwich with me to watch my ex perform, only for him to say about 2 words to me in the club after, so on that premise I would say yes.

C: You’ve got absolutely 0 chat. So no.

  1. How do you cheer each other up?

C: Sometimes it just helps just being there and letting the other one vent. Ellie is really good at just letting me vent it out and agreeing with me, even when I’m quite obviously being a massive dickhead.

E: I’m really shit with people who are upset so just avoid the topic and make awkward jokes.

  1. Funniest class at school?

E: In P.E. Charlotte and I used to rule the Badminton court. There was a ranking system where if you won a game you would move up a court, and if you lost you would move down. Charlotte and I had a permanent residency on the top court, mainly down to the fact that we would cheat, death stare our opponents, shout abuse when they were trying to serve and just be annoying cunts really. But it was fun. Until one day I got hit on the head with a badminton racket and had to do the walk of shame down to the bottom court.

C: We used to have English together for GSCEs, and we got set a task to write a love poem together. At the time neither of us were exactly Shakespeare when it came to love and we were struggling hard. So we did what anyone would do and we cheated. We wrote out the lyrics to Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’. And guess what? It got published on the schools English department wall.

E: The power of BS.

  1. What is something surprising about me that people wouldn’t expect?

E: Charlotte doesn’t like people touching her elbow. She broke her arm when she was young and has a scar. She gets funny if you mention it so probs a risk even writing about it but fuck it.

C: Not many people will know or believe this. But when we were at school (we went to boarding school and our dorms were next to each other), Ellie used to come into my room every morning and get into my bed for 15 minutes. It was a single bed, so, it was cosy. Sometimes we wouldn’t even speak. Cute.

  1. What are each other’s hidden talents?

E: Charlotte is very talented at falling asleep in taxis on the way back from a night out. One minute she’s alive the next she is 6 feet under dribbling away.

C: Ellie has a really good chipmunk voice impression. She could have played the part of all 3 chipmunks in Alvin and the Chipmunks.

  1. What are each other’s bad habits?

C: I always have white sheets/towels and she gets fake tan everywhere. She’s started bringing her own towel with her when she stays round now.

E: Charlotte is a hypochondriac and can turn almost any illness into a life-threatening scenario. She once managed to get sent home from school because she had ‘glandular fever’ a.k.a. the common cold. A few months ago she thought she had appendicitis but it was actually just period pain. The funniest was when she had to go to the doctors because she got bitten by a mosquito and thought she was dying.

C: Can’t even defend myself on that one.

  1. When was the last time you cried?

E: The other day because my bag was way too heavy and it was pissing me off.

C: I cried the other week at First Dates. There was an old man on there talking about his wife who had passed away. That type of stuff gets me every time, can’t help it. I’m basically constantly crying at the TV

  1. Where do you see each other in 10 years time

E: Charlotte, without a doubt, will be the first one to be married and divorced. She’ll have like 5 dogs and in the middle of her hallway will be one of them ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ signs – yes she is one of them ones.

C: I see Ellie running her own company/working for herself in 10 years, probably living in a really nice flat. We will still, however, be doing ridiculous things at 35. She’ll still be single.

E: I feel bad now.


I must add one last thing –  when she was 15 Charlotte’s dad brought her a Rock Polishing Kit, which literally does what it says on the tin…. It’s a kit, to polish, rocks. Rocks! She’d asked for a new phone and got a rock polishing kit lol. I used to draw faces on rocks and leave them in Charlotte’s room to rub salt in the wounds.

The second rock to the left is Charlotte, with her fringe. I’m the big orange one in the middle.

And on that note, I’m out.

As always, if you have any questions please contact me 🙂

Ciao for now – Elz, the Witch.