My Hair Growth Mission

My Hair Growth Mission

After being banned from putting hair dye within a 10 metre radius of my hair until I was about 18, I never really experienced problems with hair health/ growth (aside from the odd split end from straightening/ using ‘Sun In’ to gradually lighten my hair without my mum knowing).

So you can imagine how pissed off I am nowadays when I’m walking down the street and a 6 year old walks past with longer hair than me… I NEED THE HAIR MORE THAN YOU DO! What do you need these luscious locks for, to go and play in the playground!? To sit and play candy crush? Nah.

I’ve always had long(ish) hair, and I HATE getting my haircut. Story time – when I was 16 I went for a ‘trim’ (or so I thought). I dunno what world the girl that cut my hair was living in but 45 mins later I’d gone from whippin my hair back and forth to having a shoulder length bob. A fucking bob. I cried. I think she was a hater and didn’t want me to live my best life. Anyway, ever since then I’ve done my best to avoid getting it cut.

Over the past year or so, I’ve noticed the health of my hair deteriorate, and, despite not having it cut, it’s gotten shorter. The texture of my hair isn’t as soft as it used to be, it breaks easily and I’m generally not happy with it. It’s on a downward spiral… Pissed. Off.

I’ve become fed up now, and as my hair is something I pride myself on – I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and start a health mission on my hair to get it back to where I want it to be. Which ideally is at a ginger Rapunzel level, but whatever.

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