I am Elz, aka. The Witch. I’m overly satirical, clumsy, easily irritable and a little too observant. My favourite thing to do is depict my daily struggles into a ‘how not to live your day to day life’ manual – for the amusement of others.

Welcome to my highly complex world, where I’m trying to embrace being the pale, ginger geek from the countryside who barely spoke until age 11… whilst growing into a confident, independent, outspoken city girl whose life is the complete opposite to that in which she grew up… or just Jessica Rabbit (minus the rabbit husband, maybe one day).

Take this blog as an ode, not just to the red heads, but anyone who doesn’t know what the fuck they want to do with their life, who they are, or what they are gonna be doing tonight let alone in 5 years’ time. I’m a complex mess… but deep down we all are (and if you disagree then probs best to not read this blog).

Take what I say with a pinch of salt. But also don’t at the same time 🙂