Attempted Q&A with Erin

Attempted Q&A with Erin

Let me set the scene…

Its Friday evening, I’m walking around Selfridges browsing through all of life’s finer things… pretending like I’m in a financially adequate place to purchase something. I’ve been doing this for the past 45 minutes – not by choice.

Do I not have better things to do with my Friday night I hear you ask? The answer is yes. I’d arranged to meet Erin at 7:30pm… it’s now 8:15. She has however been on the phone to me for the past half an hour whilst she drives to meet me, updating me how far away she is as she goes along. Typical Erin.

I wanted to do a mini Q&A with her as i definitely feel as though she is quite misunderstood… we bicker A LOT, but for some reason we get on really well.

Anyway skip back to me in Selfridges… Erin is tryna give me attitude on the phone about ‘well have you not prepped any questions to ask me then?’… at which point I decide to hang up and start googling interview questions – which was a shit show… so I made the executive decision to just freestyle it.

20 minutes later Erin finally shows up. Before I left the house she said ‘just dress casually then isi?’… so please tell me why this girl has shown up with a full face of make up and heels, and I’m stood in my trainers and coat :/

I recorded our conversation on my iPhone and asked her a series of questions whilst we walked around the store. Read and enjoy.


 I press record on my phone and manage to catch Erin telling the sales assistant in Jimmy Choo to not bother putting the shoe on hold for her ‘because she can’t get back before Monday to buy them’ (nothing to do with the fact that the shoe is a size 7 and you’re a size 5 then E?) biggest load of BS.

“Are you recording me!?… so you’re not even gonna tell me what the questions are first?” She blurts out, acting shocked.

I explained that we were going for an au natural approach… mainly to avoid her trying to give me fake answers.

  1. State Your Name and Occupation

 Erin: “My name is Erin Budina – Social Media Influencer, Brand Owner… Ummm.. Full Time Bad Bitch?” 

(she’s talking in her ‘camera voice’, a much softer version of her real voice – don’t think she’s quite grasped the concept that I’m only recording this for my own reference)

  1. What’s a Weird Fact that No One Knows About You?

 Erin: “If someone rubs the palms of their hands on, like, velvet… it literally makes my skin crawl and I have to scratch the palm of their hand. If I can’t do that and its awkward to touch their palm, I have to scratch my own palm.”

 Okkkkk then.

  1. Do You Think you Need Anger Management?

Erin: “Ermmmm… I’ve been told, by close friends and family, that I need anger management. However I feel like with my old age I’ve kind of tamed, do you agree?”

 Ellie: “No.”

 Erin: “I feel like it, it wouldn’t harm me to have anger management..”

 Ellie: “You have very bad mood swings, but they don’t last long”

 Erin: “It’s something that I would consider if it was forced upon me, but I wouldn’t go out of choice.”

  1. Who Was Your First Celebrity Crush?

Erin: “I think my first celebrity crush wassss… Lil’ Romeo”

 Ellie: “Lil Romeo was my first crush!”

 Erin: “Actually Leonardo Di’Caprio…. Jack, Jack from Titanic obviously. Then Lil Romeo”

Ellie: “Okay so then my follow up question was…”

  1. When Did you Realise You Liked Black Guys?

Erin: “I think from the age…. I think from when Chris Brown started doing his ting like Run It!”

 Ellie: “Yeah I remember that video when he was wearing the baggy Baby Milo top”

  1. What’s the Biggest Misconception that People Have of You?”

 Erin: “………”

Ellie: “Don’t state the obvious one…”

 Erin: “People think I’m like.. stuck up and that I’m, errrrm, unfriendly and that I’m just a bit of a bitch. Whereas I’m actually really outgoing and friendly. I’m genuinely a nice nice person. Another misconception is people think I’m just a bimbo, that I’m stupid and that all I do is take pictures. Whereas I’m intelligent, I went to university, I’ve got A-Levels, I’ve got a business etc etc”

  1. Do you think your Snapchats where you’re Miming and Rapping Along to Songs are Interesting?

Erin: “I feel like, yeah they’re interesting. I’m bussin people on songs, my make up’s usually fleeky and there’s always a cool filter… I enjoy watching them, so I think other people would too.”

 Ellie: “Do you think that people sit there and skip through all of them??”

 Erin: “I think people might click through them… but I know there are some people who enjoy them, so I’m doing it for them… shout out to you guys.”

Ellie: “I 100% click through them.”

  1. What’s your Biggest Regret in Life, Thus Far?

 Erin: “My biggest regret in life is… ok… a lot of the decisions I’ve made with putting guys before myself. I think I’ve missed opportunities and stuff because I’ve been putting more of my focus onto specific guys”

 Erin: “Another regret is going to Miami so young and like… being influenced…”

 Ellie: “To be rachet?”

 Erin: “Yeah influenced by the rachet lifestyle because I was so young. That’s not really a regret because it made me who I am today. But it’s something that if I could go back and do again, I would do it differently.”

  1. Snog, Marry, Avoid – Chris Brown, August Alsina, Drake?

 Erin: “Alright well I’d marry Drake. I’d snog August and I’d… ooo actually I’d snog Chris and I’d avoid August”

 Ellie: “That’s big from you, cause August used to be the one. He’s kinda fallen off now though”

 Erin: “Yeah he has”

  1. If you were Invisible for the Day, What would you do?

 Erin: “Probably spy on people”

 Ellie: “Be more specific…”

 Erin: “Actually I dunno… I’d probably like, rob harrods”

 Ellie: “Wouldn’t you wanna…. fuck knows, I’d wanna see what guys talk about

Erin: “Yeah I’d be a fly on the wall in a room full of guys

  1. Do you think you’re a Drama Queen?

Erin: “1 million percent yes… I can’t even lie” 

  1. Would you Rather be…. Madly in Love and Poor, or Rich and Alone?

 *Erin didn’t listen to the question as she got distracted by the free brownie samples and then tried to suggest that we buy someone even though we are heading to get some food… I repeat the question three times*

Ellie: “Get me a brownie, please”

Erin: “Get yourself one…”

 Ellie: “You’re about to eat in a second anyway… now answer the question…”

Erin: “Do I have to chose? Like why can’t I be rich and in love?

Ellie: “You have to chose that’s the whole point of the question!”

Erin: “Ok well I’d go for poor and in love and make sure I got rich after that”

Ellie: “I’ll take that”

  1. What do you find most Annoying about Me?

Erin: “wait there El… *starts voicenoting someone*..”I’m about to go for dinner with my friends, can you tell me your name cause I don’t know who you are, you could be a psychopathic”… Right okay, what did you ask me again?”

 *repeats question* 

Erin: “Your most annoying trait is that you’re too sensible… sometimes you won’t do fun, lit shit cause you’ve got work in the morning

Ellie: “You don’t understand though… cause you don’t have a 9-5

Erin: “I don’t… *starts singing Dolly Parton 9-5*”

  1. Describe Our Friendship in 3 Words?

Erin: “ermmmm…ermmmm…. Go-getters?”

Ellie: *laughing* “what??? I’m dying, that was so shit!… okay, just describe out friendship”

Erin: “okay good cause the 3 word thing is hard… this is a hard question”

Ellie: “I feel like we are opposites, but we get along… we are very different, but very similar”

Erin: “Yeah, we are very different, but very similar at the same time… yeah. We have different beliefs…… this ain’t goin well is it?”

  1. How Much Does Getting a Good Photo Mean to Your Life?

Erin: “Means the world to me… nah I’m kidding. It means a lot because, the better the photo… the more money I’m going to get in the long run. The better the photo, the more likes, the more followers, the more chance the brand is going to work with me again and the more chance they are going to pay me more. Which means a lot because… shmoney is life” 

  1. What is the One thing that would put you off a guy?

 Erin: “The one thing that would put me off a guy is… feminine behavior. For example – Just acting like a girl, being a drama queen… like, do you know what I mean like….. I can’t explain”

Ellie: “that’s the shittest answer ever”

Erin: “Okay something that would really put me off about a guy… insecurity. When I guy starts moving insecure that’s such a major turn off. There’s nothing attractive about a guy who has no confidence… like you should think you’re the shit. Cause if you think you’re the shit, I’ll think you’re the shit”

  1. If I had an Accident and I had to be in a Wheelchair, would you look after me?

Ellie: “Would you wheel me round Selfridges?”

Erin: “I’d wheel you to Libertine with me”

Ellie: “What do you think about girls going to the club when they are 6 months pregnant?”

Erin: “I think that after 4 months like, reign it in… accept that you’ve got 5 months of chill time. I feel like for ¾ months, wear a baggy top. After that its dead” 

  1. We Used to Go to the Clubs All the Time, But We’re Over it Now. What Annoys you Most about West End Clubs?”

Erin: “The standing outside waiting when I feel like I should be treated like I’m Beyoncé. If I have to stand outside for longer than 10 seconds then I’m pissed off. People spilling drinks, 18 year old boys tryna move to me”

Ellie: “18 year old footballers” 

Erin: “18 year old footballers wearing spikey louboutins every week. Standing on my fuckin bare foot in their spiked loubs.” 

  1. What are you going to Accomplish Within the Next Year?

Erin: “I have a lot of plans, don’t sleep on me. You can expect to see me…. A lot more”


Erin: “I can’t really say much… just doing campaigns for So Lash… working with other big brands. In the next year you can expect to see a lot more of me… media wise. Yeah and… ermmmm… just expect to see me be more extra than I already am”



And there you have it! We gave up at this point because we ran out of questions.

Hope you enjoyed! As always, if you have any questions then message me 🙂

Ciao for now – Elz, the Witch.


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  1. Haha I loved reading this! I feel like it went exactly how you wrote it! Agree with the comment of you both being very different but clearly have a strong friendship xx

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