Do it for the Culture


Essentially what’s happened here is, I didn’t’ know what the fuck to write so I decided to break open a bottle of wine and see where the wind takes me.

(Oh, how can she still be writing so eloquently I hear you ask? Drunk writing is my passion – many a times have I written fully comprehensive complaint letters to Uber when I’m drunk in the Prius en-route home, for no reason other than the fact that I’m a witch and they always give you £5 credit onto your account. And I love a drunk argument.)

Anyway, as I reached into my dad’s alcohol cabinet to retrieve a wine glass I stumbled across my muse. At the very back of the cabinet, in amongst those vintage looking patterned shot glasses was a bottle of dusty Courvoisier that probably hasn’t been touched in a few years. After seeing the bottle so often in west end nightclubs/ video shoots/ house parties, I instantly recognised it. A year or so ago I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid…. How has (quite frankly) an older man’s drink become one of the forefronts of our culture?

Hennessy/ Courvoisier is typically a drink that people sip on after dinner, no ice, room temperature… a night cap drink – which is probably why my dad has it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m aware that rappers have been banging on about it for years (P Diddy and Busta did a song called Pass the Courvoisier back in 2001, and Tupac mentioned Hennessy a lot) – it’s just that in the past year or so it has become more of a thing.2 years ago if you were to walk into a club, you’d see the standard Belvedere/ Ciroc bottles – maybe the odd patron, and off course the infamous urine drink – Dom Perignon (essentially what you’re doing is spending £500 to sip on some chilled piss – a bottle show is all fun and games until you have to actually drink the bottles). Nowadays every other table has a bottle of Hennessy on it.


Because… people are doing it for the ‘culture’.

I guarantee 80% of the people who drink Hennessy don’t actually like it. But what say’s ‘I’m all about the modern day hip hop culture’ better than sipping on a henny and coke and letting everyone know about it.


‘Doing it for the culture’

Doing it for the culture is an expression used to reflect upon the act of doing something purely to satisfy the current trend at a given point in time (I just came up with that, but it sounds legit). For the purpose of this post, when I refer to the ‘culture’ I’m talking about the modern-day hip hop/ social media/ night club culture.

Essentially – it’s like a heard of sheep following each other around a field, only the field is the culture and the sheep are the people following the trend.

Who does it for the Culture?

All of us.

Don’t think you’re exempt either. We’ve all done something for the culture in one way or another.

I for one like Hennessy and Courvoisier. Did I know about it until a year or so ago? Nope. Is the main reason I drink it because I was introduced to it via the culture? Yes.

As always, I’m a massive hypocrite in this sense because I’m guilty of most of the stuff I talk about. I guess it’s just part of my complex character, as you must be beginning to realise by now. I despair at a lot of the things we do as a modern-day culture, however I still partake in much of it because…

I do it for the culture.

Now – this post isn’t all about Courvoisier and Hennessy. There are some other examples I would like to touch upon (it would be a pretty pointless post if I spent a few hours writing about Brandy and Whiskey).

What is Success to the Culture?

I was scrolling through Instagram today and came across something that frustrated me about the culture that we live in.

Kendrick Lamar, one of (if not THE) best and most successful rappers of our time, bought his sister a car for her graduation present. A nice gift by any means.


Here comes the culture to ruin it with our shallow, pretentious, materialistic views. People were actually hating in the comments under the photo because Kendrick had given her a Toyota Prius (even I’m guilty of initial impressions because I’m wondering if she’s going to be an Uber driver now she’s graduated?).

It’s so unbelievably sad that someone receiving a brand sparkling new car is being viewed as a joke because it’s not an expensive car. Apparently, if you’re successful and have a lot of money then it’s mandatory to spend your money on materialistic gifts for the approval of strangers, rather than making legitimate decisions with your own money.

The ironic part is, a lot of the people writing comments mocking Kendrick Lamar for not buying his sister a Mercedes Benz/ Lamborghini/ G-Wagon/ Range Rover… probably don’t even own a car themselves. Or, they actually own a Toyota Prius. There’s a reason why the Prius is such a popular car – its reliable, its fuel efficient, and (most importantly) it is a far better financial investment than the other cars that I just mentioned.

So what if Kendrick is rich? Why are you trying to take away from the fact that he’s just given his sister a nice gift for graduating, because it’s not something that YOU (the culture) view as being a display of success and monetary worth?

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones init.

The Culture Ltd.

The way that some of us go on you would think that we were employed by the culture. Last time I checked the culture wasn’t a company… does the culture pay your bills? It’s in fact quite the opposite.

It appears some of you have a direct debit going out to ‘The Culture Ltd.’ each month. Some people actually save their money up so that they can go to a club and buy a bottle to take a snapchat for 10 seconds, which will be online for 24 hours and a few hundred people will see it. For that night, they get to project the image of being a pretend ‘baller’ and attract some girls to their table… then the next day they go home, check their bank statement and go back to eating beans on toast for the rest of the week (maybe a slight exaggeration).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way trying to depict how people should spend their money… I’m just saying that the culture literally doesn’t give two shits about you when you’re just about living payslip to payslip. Live within your means.

Another point I wanted to raise is that, yes some people do make a living out of the culture. Influencers online can make a good amount of money from promoting products. What confuses me deeply however, is when I see people that have clearly gone out and purchased a product themselves and upload a picture with the product thanking the company for it! If you’re genuinely just thanking the company for delivering the product (like they’re supposed to do) then fair enough. But I bet my bottom dollar that more times people are doing it to portray the image that they got gifted it… whyyyyyyy, you have 50 followers and I’m sure green tummy tea aren’t going to benefit from send you free gifts. Please stop.

The Culture Party

Is the ‘Culture Party’ running as part of the general election?

I never knew that so many people were aspiring politicians until the general election was announced. All these experts creeping out of the woodwork. I’m assuming you’ve all been so quiet up until now because you’ve been vigorously studying the history of your chosen political party, understanding all of the given manifesto’s and coming to an educated decision as to who to vote for.

One could only hope.

It is important to vote, especially in today’s climate, but do it for the right reasons for YOU not for the beliefs of other people/ the culture.

The HISTORY of the Culture

Finally, I bet the majority of people who do things ‘for the culture’, don’t actually know where it originated from. Do you even know the true story behind hip hop, and how we got to where we are today? Could you name the three people below? Without them Hip Hop and the culture you follow wouldn’t exist at all.

It’s all well and good to celebrate and be a part of something… but it’s always good to have a bit of perspective. This isn’t me being patronising in any way, I just genuinely find the history really interesting, so I know a few others might do to.

Here are some great recommendations that I’ve watched recently. For anyone who loves the culture and loves hip hop – then I would 100% get onto Netflix and watch these two, in order:

In conclusion, do if for the culture – but don’t be controlled by the culture. Use your brain cells.

Any questions, please get in contact.

Ciao for Now – Elz, the Witch