Eyebrows For Red Heads

Eyebrow Tutorial for Red Heads

This is by far the most requested topic, so I thought it was only right to go all out and attempt a tutorial video – and, as per usual with anything in my life, it’s gone tits up.

I think it’s just best to be open, honest and upfront (so we can all laugh about it together)…. The tutorial is shit. However, it does show how I do my eyebrows which is the main thing at least (I thought about re-doing the video many, many times but thought fuck it, so I’m uploading it as it is for a bit of humour, and also cause I cba to do another).

For clarity, in case you get distracted by the car crash tutorial, I’ll outline the steps and products I use in writing below… and let the video speak for itself:

P.S – I was slightly drunk when I did the voiceover for the video which explains a few things.

Step 1 – Outlining the Brows:

I normally do this after I’ve applied my foundation and under-eye concealer, and whilst I’m baking (which is why my face looks powdery in the video). I use the Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil in ‘Dark Chocolate’, it costs about £10 from Boots (I use the darkest colour so then I don’t have to apply so much). I prefer using the Brow Tint end of the pen, as it is easier to apply and more defined… however mine has currently run out and I haven’t bought a new one yet, so I’ve resorted to using the pencil side. I only outline the outside of my brows as I prefer a more faded look, and personally don’t like it when brows are too well defined especially on the inner corners.

Soap and Glory 2 in 1 ArcheryStep 2 – Filling in the Brows:

 For this I use the Rimmel ‘Brow this Way’ eyebrow kit in ‘middle brown’, its £3.99 from Boots. I like this kit because it has a wax formula on one side that is good for setting the brows in place as well as filling them in, and then a powder formula on the other side which goes on top. Fill the brows in using the brush, from the outside inwards.

Rimmel Brow this Way

Step 3 – Colouring the Brows:

 *KEY STAGE* I used to get so frustrated that most make up companies don’t do brow kits for red heads… or they pretend they do and call it something like ‘auburn’, but once you apply it, it looks brown :/ . I tried numerous things, my brows looked brown for a long time, which I hated because red brows look better with red hair (no shit), and then one day there was a lip liner in amongst the eyebrow pencils and it was the perfect colour, so I thought…. Why not just try it and see wagwan (how it goes, for anyone that doesn’t understand the slang – yes I’m aiming that at you mum).

I use the LA Colours Lip Liner in shade 504 – Sienna… it’s an orangey/ red colour. If you google it you can see what it looks like however it’s quite hard to find online. I get it from this store called ‘Beauty Bar’ in Stratford Westfield (which is great… I’d describe it as a TK Maxx dedicated purely to beauty and make up), I’ve also seen it in those random pharmacies (you know them independent ones)…. Anyway it costs about £1.99 max!

With the lip liner I just go over the infilled brow from the outer corner… and it now looks red! Use as much or as little as you please. I use quite a lot as my hair is bright and I like my brows to match 🙂 .

Lip liner.JPG

Step 4 – Blend the Brows:

Use the twirly brush thing that comes in the Rimmel ‘Brow this Way’ kit, and brush the brows out. And yeah, that’s about it…. Makes the brows look more smooth and even, and creates the faded look from the outer brow to the inner brow.

Step 5 – Define the Brows:

 I use the M.A.C Studio Conceal and Correct Palette in Light – which is good if you want a range of different concealer colours, however I only really use the ‘NC20’ concealer to define my brows. I use a straight, hard brush tip as seen in the video (didn’t know how else to explain it, my one is from M.A.C) to apply the concealer around the outside of my brows which sharpens them and also corrects any mistakes that I may have made (in the tutorial video I messed up my eyebrow whilst doing this stage which really, really bugs me).

Mac Concealer Palette

Step 6 – Finish Off:

 Go over the brows one last time if you need to. I go over with the lip liner here one last time to make the colour pop 🙂 .

Brow Tutorial

I apologise in advance.

And there you have it! Red eyebrows, happy days.

I hope this tutorial was useful and you are able to at least see how to obtain red eyebrows to match your beautiful hair 🙂 . Again, I apologise for the shitty editing skills and equally shitty voiceover… we will all laugh about this one day.

If you have any questions please contact me. Please let me know what other tips/ tutorials you want to see (don’t make them too taxing cause evidently I’m not talented in the old video editing department).

Ciao for now – Elz, the Witch.