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For Muscle Gain

A lot of people have been requesting this topic so here it is 🙂

I even tried to make another video, which is still quite shit but also not as shit as my first one so at least I’m improving.

I’ve been going to the gym since I was about 19. I try to go 5 times a week (emphasis on try – sometimes it’s more like 4). I’m naturally quite skinny as I have a high metabolism, and always envied more curvy girls.

I suppose you could say I go to the gym for the opposite reason to most people as I go to put on weight, muscle weight. When I first started going to the gym it was just to keep fit, but I noticed that as I got stronger my body started changing in a good way.

When I was younger I used to have really skinny legs, no bum, and my upper half was always quite square. I soon discovered that by toning up and doing the right exercises I was able to increase my leg size, my bum, and decrease my waist  leaving me with more of an hourglass figure.

(This was me before, it’s a pretty shit photo but you can see how small my legs were)


Now, I know I’m still not the curviest girl still either, but compared to my body before I feel much more confident in the way I look.

I don’t particularly follow any sort of diet – I drink a lot of alcohol, eat a lot of sweets and snacks, but my meals are reasonably healthy (mainly meat and veg.) – so I’m not going to preach any sort of healthy lifestyle. This post is purely just about the benefits of exercising and gaining weight in the right way.

I try to minimise the amount of cardio I do (i.e. running etc.). Instead I do a lot of weights in sets – so it provides cardio as well as toning you at the same time, and helps you get stronger 🙂

I’ve been training with one of the personal trainers at my gym @leonwills101 who has helped me by designing some workouts that help me tone up and put on muscle. I like to focus on getting my bum and legs bigger, my waist smaller and my abs more defined. So if you want that to then this workout is great for you.

I’ll include some of Leon’s info at the end of this post of you want to get in contact.



Below is the video showing the workout and examples of how to perform each of the exercises. I’ve also written the whole workout out below in more detail, explaining the benefits of each exercise.

*adjust the weight for each set where necessary, the weights are based on my strength*

Set 1 – repeat 3 times

  • Heavy Squats 55KG x 5 reps

This is great for building strength and muscle mass – low reps and heavy weight.

  • Light Squats 15KG x 15 reps

This is good for toning, lighter weight with more reps.

  • Leg Drops with bar (20KG) x 12 reps

Leg drops are good for your lower abs, the bar engages more of your muscles whilst you perform this exercise.

  • Scissor Kicks with bar (20KG) x 12 reps

Again, good for your abs.

  • Russian Twists with 10KG Plate x 12 reps

Good for toning your abs and oblique’s, and also your back. I like this exercise because it tones my waist.

Set 2 – repeat 3 times

  • Elevated Kettlebell Squats (16KG) x 12 reps

Elevation provides you with a bigger range of motion, meaning you can squat lower. Squats are good for toning your legs and bum.

  • Front Kettlebell Squat (16KG) x 12 reps

Using a kettlebell for a front squat benefits your core muscles and balance because it’s less stable than using a bar to squat. You therefore have to engage your core to balance whilst performing the squat.

  • Twisted Lunges with Plate (10KG) x 12 reps

Lunges are my favourite exercise for my bum (I like walking lunges best, in this workout I’m doing static lunges but you could do either), I feel as though they increase the actual size of my bum the most – whereas squats help to lift it.

The twist element makes it harder and also engages more of your muscles whilst you do the exercise.

Set 3 – repeat 3 times

  • 3 x Toe to Bar

This exercise is great for strengthening your abs, but it also engages a lot of your top half. I can only do three of these in a row at the moment, but working on doing more!

  • 10 x Knees to Elbow

An easier version of the above. Good for your abs and a good alternative if you can’t yet do toes to bar.

Set 4 – repeat 3 times

  • Rope Alternating Waves with Seated Squat x 10 reps

Using battle ropes to work out is really beneficial for your upper body but also engages many more muscles in your abs and back… I personally struggle with rope work as my upper body isn’t that strong so have to take breaks whilst doing this.

The seated squat element engages your bottom half at the same time

  • Rope Slams with Squat x 10 reps

Again great for your top half and the squat engages your bottom half. Rope work is good cardio as well.

  • Leg Extensions x 5 reps on each legs, x 5 reps both legs together.

Builds and strengthens your quad muscles.


And there you have it 🙂

This is just one example of what I do when I am at the gym. As I said earlier, my goal when I work out is to put muscle on and tone, however this may not be everyone’s goal.

Getting a personal trainer is a great way to achieve this as they can design workouts based on your specific goals.

Leon’s information is below so if you’re around the East London area then get in contact with him.


12 week Body Transformation (3 times a week for 12 weeks) = £1400

Extreme Fat Burn (HIIT Training x Circuits) 10 x 30min Sessions  = £250

10 Block 1 hr Sessions = £600

Muay Thai/Boxing (Padwork) £25 for 30mins

Legs, bum and Abs: 2X40min sessions a week £60

One of sessions = £65

Students 10% Off
Post Pregnancy 10% Off
Bride/Groom to be 10% Off

*All packages included meal, Nutrition advice and workout plans*


Any questions please feel free to contact me!

Ciao for now, Elz the Witch



4 thoughts on “My Gym Routine

  1. So glad you did this post! 🙌🏾 I am currently on a weightloss journey and really needed inspiration and guidance on the exercise front because. All the countless fitness girls on instagram actually do not inspire me at all because I find a lot of their content unrealistic and I their full faces of make up and gym gear combo quite amusing. You however have an amazing figure, are naturally pretty but also you’re so real and funny and are someone I can relate to, it’s so refreshing! Loved all your posts so far, and thank you so much for giving me some motivation and a new workout to try out on this long weightloss journey 🙈☺️💕 Xxx

    • Thank you so much 😇 means a lot. And I’m so happy I was able to inspire you, it’s so hard sometimes when you are in the gym by yourself to get the motivation so hopefully the video gave you some tips! If you’re ever stuck there is always good workout videos you YouTube, I sometimes do quick 5 minute ab routines cause it is more motivating when you have someone telling you what to do. Hope your weightloss journey goes well 💕

  2. Firstly, I would just like to say that I am really enjoying your blog overall! I do not often read many blogs, some are not totally appealing as I often find some to be fabricated and not very honest 🙊. I followed you on instagram not long ago and think you have a great sense of humour so thought…. why not check out the blog! This post is awesome. Although I generally feel comfortable and confident in the gym, it is still nice to have that bit of inspiration to try something new . It’s always cool to have fun in the gym and generally enjoy your workout and not take yourself so seriously, so I think it’s cool that you’re still very casual with food yet sensible.

    Thanks for giving me a few new things to try out on my next visit to the gym!


    • Awww thank you so much, it means a lot 💕 I totally agree, I’m always looking for new ways to exercise in the gym cause I get bored easily! Hopefully this gave you some new things to try out, and I’m going to try and do another post like this soon xx

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