Happy Birthday Erin!

25th July, 2017

What do you get for the girl who has everything?”

In life, you have some friends that will go and buy you a Gucci Headscarf for your birthday.

I am not one of those friends.

  1. I can’t afford a Gucci Headscarf
  2. I like to give sentimental gifts… to make up for the fact that I can’t afford Gucci Headscarf’s.

Today, July 25th, is one of my best friend’s birthdays. One of the first friends I made when I moved to London… and one of the only people I know that will happily spend £100 on a pair of socks that she’s worn once and are now sat somewhere in the bottom of her wardrobe amongst a mountain of junk.

Erin Budina. 21st century princess, drama queen, centre of attention, outspoken, opinionated, confrontational… yet aside from all of that, she is one of the funniest, driven, independent, focused, kind spirited people I’ve met. She can light up a room with her personality alone.

For those of you who remember, last year I made all of the gang into cartoon characters and put us onto tea mugs. Tea is one of Erin’s favourite things, and everyone is always at Erin’s house… so it made sense (also because no one ever does the washing up. It’s pretty easy to figure out who left a mess when your face is on the mug).

This year, I’ve not yet decided what I want to get… so I thought why not write a blog post and reflect on our friendship over the past few years – because it has been a roller coaster ride to say the least.

How Did We Meet?

People have been asking me to do a blog post on how I met my friends for ages now. So here’s one of them.


Yes. We met on Snapchat. lol. I’d just moved to London, Erin had just moved back to Wales from Miami – neither of us really knew anyone in London. I said to Erin come stay at my apartment and we can go out one night. So one day in February 2015, I let 2 complete strangers into my flat, and we all went out and had a great time.

Those two strangers were Erin and Shea – and we’ve been best friends ever since.

I think that because we both grew up in the countryside, we are quite trusting of people – especially at that point in time because we hadn’t yet been exposed to some of the un-trustyworthy people you meet living in a city. So, although now I’d never dream of letting a stranger stay in my flat, back then I didn’t think twice of it.

The next day I had to go to work. I left Erin and Shea to chill in my flat drinking tea n watching TV all day. When I came home everything was as it should be. We were all just looking to meet new people and have a good time – and that’s what we did.

From then on, we would spend most weekends chilling at my place, going out in the evening and sleeping for most of the day.

Funniest Memories:

Before Erin’s fashion glow up, she used to focus all her attention on what to wear to a nightclub. Her daytime wardrobe was almost non-existent… she had the same style of strap top in about 10 different colours that she would pair with either a pair of trackies or jeans…. AND her favourite pair of flip flops. The infamous pink, diamanté flip flops. She would wear said flip flops everywhere, even overseas to Miami. The fact that they were bright pink didn’t matter to Erin. Because to her, they went with everything. Even when they clashed. This went on until Shea and I sat her down and said ‘we are going shopping’. We definitely gave her the push she needed. – so I’m gonna take some sort of credit for her glow up.

Twerking – on my balcony, in her G-String. Whilst the traffic below looked up. She also twerked in the middle of a big crowd in Westfield once cause we said we’d give her a tenner which I don’t think ever materialised.

For Shea’s birthday a few years ago we rented Boris Bikes and managed to cycle to London Bridge from Stratford (which I think is quiet impressive seeing as none of us knew where the fuck we were going). At London Bridge we stopped at Starbucks, where Shea purchased a Frappuccino, and we started to make our way back. 5 minutes into the homeward journey, there was a hill, with a speed bump at the bottom… so off Shea went, speeding down the hill, confidence in one hand, her brand new Frappuccino in the other. Erin and I watched from the top of the hill as Shea took flight over the speed bump. Her Boris Bike went sliding off to the left, Shea went face first to the right as mountain of whipped cream went flying in the air and the rest of the drink flew off into the distance. She was more pissed off about the Frappuccino than anything else.  Erin and I were dying.

Scariest Moment

The time Erin nearly killed us.

We were driving to Wales for Lateysha’s baby shower. These times Erin had her convertible Mini, and we were driving along the Motorway with the top down because it was summer. Erin was snapchatting – shock. And didn’t realise that the car infront was breaking. It was too late for Erin to break and us not to smash full speed into the car infront, luckily there was a gap in the middle lane which we were able to swerve into, but it wasn’t enough… thank god there was another gap in the lane to the right that we were able to go into otherwise we would have been 6 foot under.

It all happened in the space of a few seconds, and luckily Erin has quick response timing. Me, Shea and Erin sat in silence for the next 5 minutes, not one word was spoken out of pure shock.

Obviously, Erin learnt from the experience – I mean, it took her about an hour before she started snapchatting again. Which is a big achievement in her books.

Happy Birthday Erin!

You’re not one to let anyone forget your birthday… you talk about it for 75% of the year. ‘Leo Season’ comes out of your mouth hundreds of times!

This time last year we were in St. Tropez… this year, although we didn’t make it on holiday (you’ve been on about 20 this year already, so you can’t be mad), we are still going to have the best time celebrating.

After all, this is the one time of the year that you can act like a drama queen and none of us can say anything about it!

All jokes aside… we are so different, but very similar at the same time. You’re the one with all the big ideas, and outrageous suggestions, and I am the realistic one, there to bring you down to earth sometimes…. But not all of the time because your drive is what makes you, you. And I know that one day you are going to be massively successful, and we’ll look back and laugh at all of the shit we’ve been through over the past few years!

Here is to many more years.


Here are some photo’s from over the years, some memories (don’t hate me for posting some of them):

Ciao for now – Elz, the Witch.

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  1. You sum up my beautiful Granddaughter very well. Since she was a little girl she had big dreams which she seems to be making come true. Have a great time Erin with all your lovely friends Enjoy…..Momo xx

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