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Normally in life, when I try to do something creative it goes to shit… so you can imagine my surprise when I put together my new room and it actually went alright.

I’ve done a few (slash, I’ve done fucking loads) of snapchats/ insta stories of the room. Seeing as I had such a large number of people ask where I got some of the things from, I thought I’d do a quick post and tell you all… so that you can go and copy me -_-

Also, flattering that people think I could be an interior designer… the reality is that I spent the majority of my teenage years playing on The Sims, and I credit the success of my room to that game and that game only.

Long Live the Sims.

The Furniture

 It’s all from Ikea.

… well that was a quick post init.

But it literally all is from Ikea, and I built it all myself – flat pack furniture is one of my few talents.

I have a lot of stuff because I’m a hoarder. But after years of living at Boarding School/ Uni/ Moving House – I have perfected the art of compact storage. Therefore when picking furniture I wanted to keep in mind storage space, so that the room could look simplistic, yet contain all of my things.

The bed is ‘Malm’ in White. I chose this bed as I love the square/ clean-cut frame. I chose the bed with 2 storage drawers underneath. Under bed storage is so important, as you always need extra storage space, and lets be honest – we always end up shoving things under our beds anyway because no one can see under there.

As I love Ikea’s Malm collection, and because I didn’t want to have miss-matching furniture, I got a Malm Bedside Table and a Malm Chest of Drawers.

The bedside table is standard, an extra 2 drawers to store shit in, and a stand to go next to my bed. The chests of drawers are AMAZING. 6 Drawers, all big and wide – I basically fitted most of my clothes in this piece of furniture alone, and I have A LOT of stuff. They are actually a lot wider than I thought they would be so make sure you measure you room before you order any furniture. I originally got these so that my TV could fit on them – but it looked shit so my plans had to change.

Luckily, as Ikea has everything, I found a TV stand to match all my furniture, and it fitted perfectly in the gap between my bed and wall – happy days. The stand is called ‘Lack’ in White.

Finally, the wardrobe. I wanted a three part wardrobe for the extra storage. I got the ‘Dombas’ wardrobe, in white. Its got a double section to hang stuff up in, and then an extra section to the right where there are shelves to store more things.

My biggest recommendation is to measure everything to the size of your room size.


I basically wanted to have a nice mirror that I could take good selfies in. I’d seen a few insta bloggers/ pintrest people that are lush and they always have a nice background to their mirror – so I copied them.

The mirror itself is from Ikea (shock). It’s the ‘Nissedal’ in White. It’s actually a lot bigger in photos then it seems. Either way, it’s nice. I brought some white petal flowers from Primark to go round it.

The shelves are ‘Persby’ in white. I didn’t put them up myself because, fuck that. Anyway, they make a nice background to the mirror. I put some simple accessories on the shelves, which can easily be changed depending on my mood. The doggy at the bottom is called ‘Carlos’, he’s from TKMaxx. All of the flowers are from Wilko, they are plastic flowers :). The shoes on the top shelf are from Missguided, and I put them up there because they stood up straight and went with the colour of the room, no other reason.

I LOVE scented candles, so my chest of drawers is covered in candles and some other random décor. The candles are from Matalan, because I live above a Matalan and I’m too lazy to walk to other shops.

My other mirror is from Wilko. It’s actually meant to be stood up long ways on a stand, and I was gonna throw it away but thought it might look alright on the wall. So I hung it up and it looked half decent. I put some bulb lights up around it (from primark)… it is my beauty station 🙂

Finally, the light! I love everything fluffy, so when I saw it I knew I had to have it. Its from B&Q 🙂 Here is the link >> Lamp shade.

Oh and the rug is my flatmate Charlottes, which I’ve now stolen. Not sure where it’s from so I apologise!!

Hope this has been helpful! If you do get any of the furniture then send me pics! So that I can see you all copying me (I’m not a hater).

Any questions, get in contact. 

Ciao for now – Elz, the Witch

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