My Radio Interview with Radar

The Witch on the Radio

So a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining The 90s Babies on their show for Radar Radio in London.

It was the first Interview I’ve done, and it was for a whole hour so I thought I would be super nervous/ fuck up at least twice… but I had sooooo much fun.

I was discussing things like my blog, social media vs. reality, social media detoxing, and loads more. If you’ve not got a feel for my personality from these blogs then I would defo recommend taking a listen!

It helped that there was alcohol on offer, my fav.

It aired on 12th April from 5-6pm BST, but in case you missed it then check it out via the link below 🙂


(If you like the show then check out more of the 90s Babies’ stuff on )

Any questions, please get in contact 🙂

Ciao for now, Elz the Witch