Why Men Love Bitches

“I’m just gonna focus on my work now…”

 You’ll have been living under a rock (or in a convent) for your entire adult life if you’ve gotten away without hearing the above phrase exit a female’s lips. It’s usually posed as a follow up to the universal “I’m over it” tag line.

Either way – aside from its literal meaning, the phrase represents a moment in time where, as females, we snap back into reality. Awaken from our prolonged daze of clouded judgment and enter back into the real world.

I generally feel as though females are far more head-strong than males. We have an alert mind, we can multitask, we are empathetic yet able to be assertive at the same time. If we didn’t have to endure childbirth and motherhood then we would make up the top percentage of senior management in the FTSE 100 – without a doubt (explains why companies like Apple started paying for women to freeze their eggs).

I read somewhere that love is a chemical reaction. When we catch feelings, chemicals are sent to our brain as an important message that gets stored into our core memory (I just looked that up before people think I’m chatting shit). Making them hard to get rid of/ reverse.

As females, when we catch feelings, everything goes to shit.

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