Product Review – Bondi Sands Tan Eraser

Removing Fake Tan

One of the longest tasks when it comes to fake tanning is removing the fake tan. As I’ve explained in a few of my previous posts (My Fake Tan Routine and Maintaining Your Tan on Holiday), after about a week of wearing fake tan it goes ‘crumbly’/ patchy.

In order to remove fake tan you have to properly exfoliate your skin/ scrub away until it’s all off – which is a lot of admin and also takes a while to do– I dreadddddd doing it, but it’s one of those things that has to be done. You can’t put tan on top of patchy tan because it just gets worse.

Up until this point I’ve just been using the Soap and Glory Exfoliating Gloves (details tagged in my tan routine post). They are the most effective gloves I’ve used, some don’t have enough grip on them to remove tan. I’ve also tried using exfoliating body scrubs but I found that they actually make it harder to remove your tan as they make your skin too oily.

I thought I’d do a quick review on a product that has come out which has changed EVERYTHING. And I need everyone who uses fake tan to stop what they’re doing and go buy it…

Also, I’ve not been sponsored to write this or anything… I wish they would sponsor me and give me a free supply of the stuff!

Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser

I heard about this product as I saw it on one of my friend Tay’s snapchats. I was VERY sceptical, but had seen good reviews online so I went to boots to go and purchase it… Sold Out :/

For weeks I would go into Boots to try and get some but it was always sold out, which I guess is a good sign. Eventually I managed to get my hands on some (I’d suggest going online and ordering some if you can).

It’s the Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser.

I honestly can’t stress enough how good this product is!!

You apply the mousse to your body before you wash (don’t be scared to use a lot as it lasts for ages), make sure your body is soaked in it, leave it to dry for 5 minutes and then jump in the shower. You can then use a sponge/ exfoliating gloves (I still use the same exfoliating gloves) to scrub the tan off.

You’ll find that the tan almost falls off – on tougher patches you may need to lightly scrub. Either way, it’s completed revolutionised the process of removing my fake tan. It’s 10 times quicker and 10 times less effort

It costs £14.99 but it’s worth every penny. And also, because you’ll only tend to use it once a week, it will last you at least a few months.

Another useful tip – use it on your palms after applying fake tan! Stops your palms from going orange which mine ALWAYS do.

Anyone who goes and tries this please get in contact and let me know your thoughts 🙂

Ciao for now – Elz, the Witch.


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  1. From the Witch’s Dad: maybe the article should include details about how to remove ‘removed’ fake tan from sinks, baths, towels, etc, etc 😩

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