Quick Workout Tips for Your Bum

Ass workouts…

Didn’t know how else to describe it but basically thought I would do a quick post on good workouts for your ass.

If you find this useful, I did a another post a while ago about my gym routine >> here. 

For all the pervs that clicked on here thinking they were gonna see videos of my ass then you’ll be devastated to hear that there is none.

I’ve instead found some crappy pictures on Google to explain some of the exercises I mean.

Next time I have a camera man available then I will film myself doing these exercises but for now I wanted to write down a few tips that I do in the gym, that are great to keep your bum looking perky and round 🙂

Stair Master

A great warm up for your bum.. basically this is just like walking up stairs, but your on a machine not moving anywhere.

I normally do 5-10 minutes on speed 10. If I know I’m going to be doing my legs/ bum then I tend to extend my leg out backwards after every 2 steps, to engage my glutes more.

A bit like this girl really…


Weighted Squats

Using the bar (annoying because its always in the free weights area, which is full of guys, so I tend to go early in the morning to avoid the business).

Adjust the weight based on your own strength, the below is just my example.

20 x Reps warm up with the bar, 10KG on each side.

10 x Reps with 15KG on each side

10 x Reps with 20KG o each side – Do this set twice.

8 x Reps with 25KG on each side

20 x Reps with 10KG each side

This is what the exercise looks like if you don’t already know… wonder how much oil they went through to make her look that sweaty, surprised the bar doesn’t slide off her back.

Glute Circuit

 I did this one this morning so as it’s fresh in my mind:

Repeat 3 times.

Using a box/ block (the one I used was about 18 inches high) and some weights. Do 5 step-ups on each leg. I either use 2 x 10KG dumbbells (one in each hand), or a 15KG bar on my shoulders.

Then do 10 x squats still holding the weights.

Holding a dumbbell with one hand over head (I used a 7KG dumbbell), do 10 walking lunges. Turn around, move the dumbbell to your other hand and do 10 more walking lunges.

This picture is so rank but it was the best one I could find. Why the fuck is he working out topless like that.

Leg Kick Backs with Cable Machine

Basically, using the machine that guys usually spend half their time on working out their arms. Position the cable so that it is at the bottom, near your feet, and hook your foot onto the handle.

Do 12 x Kickbacks on each legs (I tend to set the machine to about 13KG).

Repeat this 4 times.

This is a great workout for your hamstrings and glutes.

He’s another shitty Google picture for your head tops,..

TRX – 1 Legged Squats

 The TRX machine is great for workouts using your own bod weight, and activates your core really well.

Using the TRX, shorten the straps so that they are at arms length, lean back whilst holding onto the TRX straps. Use one leg to squat whilst extending the resting leg out in front of you.

Do each leg for 30 second. Repeat 5 times with a 10 second rest between each set.


There you go 🙂 Hopefully some useful tips.

Apologies for using crap images from Google, I’m gonna try get some photo’s/ videos of me doing some exercises soon.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact. 

Ciao for now – Elz, the Witch.