So Lash

About So Lash – 3D Mink & Silk Strip Lashes

So Lash is the eyelash brand that I help my dear friend Erin run. Our lashes are luxury 3D Mink and Silk Strip Lashes – and are the best quality in the world! I’m not just saying that, they genuinely feel (and look) like heaven on your eyes!

Aside from the actual lashes themselves, we want to create a movement that showcases female empowerment. We are just a group of normal friends that support each other at the end of the day, and we try to demonstrate the importance of being strong, hard working women – whilst looking good at the same time – GRL PWR.

 Erin and I were brainstorming one Sunday afternoon, when she turned to me and said something along the lines of, I’m gonna just buy a load of lashes and start up a little side business because it’s something to do init.

(I think she always wanted to have a lash brand, when she was little she brought some glue and tried to make her own set of fake eyelashes – needless to say, I don’t think it went very well)

 I just kind of nodded, treating the comment as hear say – little did I know that a few months later there would actually be hundreds of lashes arriving at the door.

Skip forward to July 2016 and the concept that was meant to be Erin’s side business had transformed into So Lash.

Beauty comes from within, but it’s nice to feel beautiful on the outside to! That’s our ethos. Not everyone is blessed with lovely long lashes, so if we can give someone a product that makes them feel good when they wear it then fuck it, why not.

Good Things Come in Threes

Erin is the visionary – she owns the brand, and looks after everything involved in So Lash’s branding, all the visuals, photoshoots, collaborations, products, direction of the brand, the concept etc. etc.

Shea is the creative one – she draws all of the artwork that we put on the packaging and does a lot of make up looks involving the lashes.

And I’m the boring one! Erin and I complement each other well as she comes up with all the ideas and I bring her back down to reality lol – I help with the business side of things. I’m the behind the scenes one, give business advice, do the website, any technical stuff. I also try to do the finances (key word is try)!

Together we make a great team!

The Products

 Erin and Shea are very spiritual (me not so much), therefore the lashes are all named after mystical/ spiritual things. We currently have two lines – the Crystal Collection and the Soul Collection.

The lashes are great as they’re all so different. They cater for different eye shapes, occasions, make up looks etc. We have dramatic lashes, elegant lashes, natural lashes, long lashes and more.

Each girl has their own favourite/ two favourite lashes:

For big round eyes Diamond, Onyx, and Lunar would be good for you.

For longer, more oval shaped eyes Faith or Amethyst are great.

For cat shaped eyes Onyx, Seren or Lunar would suit.

For a natural look I would recommend Emerald, Spirit or Crystal.

Onyx basically suit most eye shapes, they are a dramatic lash.

Our best seller is Diamond, they often sell out, watch out for the re-stock tomorrow! Jade are a good alternative if Diamond are unavailable.

The Future

It’s not even been a year since we launched and we’ve already been featured in Glamour Magazine for 4 months running, and Brides magazine.

Anyone who has tried our lashes can appreciate the benefit of paying a little bit more for luxury quality, and you can wear them 10-15 times, so you defo get yours money’s worth.

The main goal is world domination, we want So Lash to be accessible worldwide in good quality stores – so keep an eye out for us in Selfridges and Sephora one day lol!

We have an exciting NEW product launching soon! Something that we’ve not done before and we are super excited!

The feature image of this post is of my eyes (they look proper blue there, mad) – we were trying out some new lash samples, these ones were invisible band Mink lashes, I LOVE them. So maybe keep an eye our for something similar in the near future.

Please please please show support for the movement, we are trying to unite females and motivate people to support each other as strong independent women! And to be beautiful from the inside out!

@so.lash on instagram

As always, if you have any questions please get in contact!

Ciao for now – Elz, the Witch.