Table Bay Review

Table Bay

Last Sunday (17th December) I defied the odds against me and actually left my house to engage in an activity that didn’t involve sitting in my flat doing fuck all – which is typically what my Sundays consist of.

(Not really sure what all the ‘odds against me’ were meant to be by the way, I just used it for dramatic effect and I’m gonna roll with it)

The purpose of my Sunday excursion was to attend the leatest ‘Table Bay’ event, organised by boss lady Elenia (@imnotelenia) and the team. This was their third ever Table Bay event, but the first one that I was able to attend and was equally as special because Elenia asked me to come along and blog about it!

How exciting – and I don’t mean that sarcastically either. Normally I just turn up to events as people’s ginger mate – so it makes a difference for me to be able to go to an event and have my own purpose to be there 😊

What is Table Bay?

The way I’d describe the event is…

… You know when you’re on Instagram and you randomly come across those cool, creative, urban boutique brands and wonder what where they’ve been hiding all this time?

… when you’re fed up of looking on the same online stores (ASOS, Missguided, Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo etc.) and all you want is to find those new, up-and-coming fashion looks that the big stores haven’t quite clocked onto yet, but you’re seeing all the influencers online already wearing and have no fucking clue where to buy them, all you know is that you want them?

… When you want to explore new makeup products/ kits/ artists that you normally wouldn’t have access to because they operate on Instagram/ online.

… When you’re the type of person who hates shopping because of the 1. Annoying people 2. Shit songs they always play and 3. Lack of food and alcohol in close proximity.

Basically, Table Bay is a meeting ground for all of the urban boutiques in and around London/UK. It’s a fantastic opportunity for up and coming brands to show case their products that are otherwise accessed online only. The products ranged from fashion, footwear, lingerie, makeup, food, jewellery and many more.

It is also a great opportunity for brands and influencers to connect.

The best part (for me, shock) was the fact that it was hosted in a bar – so easy access to alcohol, as well as the DJs playing good music made the experience all the more enjoyable.

Essentially, it’s like going out, but having the opportunity to shop at the same time – which works for me because I’m an alcoholic but I also love impulse buys and good music.

Table Bay Instagram =

Table Bay Website =

My ‘Blogger’ Experience

I’ve put blogger in inverted commas because I still don’t see myself as one even though I have a blog. A blog which I write on. A blog which I blog on. A blog, which contains blog posts, which makes me a blogger – but whatever,

Anyway, I prepped for the event like I’d imagine any proper blogger would. I put a notepad and pen in my bag, I packed my camera which I purchased when I started by blog under the pretence that I’d started taking scenic/ candid photos to post on my blog, I whacked on some red lipstick and off I went.

In reality, who was I kidding because I never even had a pencil case in school let alone being proactive enough to reach into my bag for my pad and pen to write down my blogger thoughts. I’m baffled at myself more than anything, what on earth did I think I was going to write in there? Secondly, the blogger camera that never got to make its great escape from my bag did little more than contribute to un-needed weight that I had to carry around with me. I don’t think I took one photo on my phone let alone on my professional camera. Also my feet got soaking wet on the way, so all in all my grand blogger mission had failed before it even started. I never even got a photo of myself – tragic.

All sarcasm aside, I had such a great time at the event and the fact that I didn’t utilise my blogger props is a testament to that. I obviously walked straight to the bar and ordered a double rum and coke to accompany me around the 3 floors worth of ‘table bay’s’ – see what I did there.

I really didn’t know what to expect going to this event but it was so well organised, and PACKED. When I say packed I mean as in, every single floor was full to the brim of people, like when you’re trying to push your way across the dancefloor in a night club . One thing that I really enjoyed was the feeling of support – everyone was there to support each other. There wasn’t an element of competition in the air, it was so collaborative between the brands and also a great opportunity as a blogger/ influencer to meet some of the brands I’ve worked with and intend to work with in the future.

I don’t want to get too sentimental and diminish my witchy exterior but I was also surprised to have so many people recognise me/ take the time to come up to me and say that they read my blog! I receive feedback online but meeting people in person was such an eye opener for me because most of the time when I write these posts I just feel like I’m sat chatting shit to myself. It’s really motivated me to keep writing, and keep developing content as often as I can… and all of that stuff.

Btw I wasn’t just walking around by myself either, well I was at first because Erin was late as usual. But I had my dear friends Erin, Aaliyah and Khadija with me. Here’s us in the ‘Step Into the Booth’ photo booth:

The Brands

As I said, the event was a great opportunity to meet new brands, brands that I’ve already worked with, and also meet brands that I’ve been in contact with but not had the opportunity to work with yet!

I went round meeting and collecting info on a lot of the brands at the event, so I thought I would share with you some of my favourites from the day (I couldn’t include them all but if you look on Table Bay there is a full list):

  • 187 Mob

Instgram =

Website =

Great brand, branding and products.

My personal favourites are the fur coats and diamond anklets (look out for their bunny keyrings which should be dropping soon and Elenia if you’re reading this I want one still!).

  • Doin Fleek

Instagram =

Website =

Another great brand, I loved all of the sunglasses, you can find them on the website but here were some of my favourites:


Instagram =

Website =

Amazing lingerie, the detail is beautiful and I was lucky enough to get myself a red body suit which I will be showcasing on my Instagram as soon as I get a spare minute! Their stuff really is lovely quality and a great alternative to the typical high street lingerie brands.

(plot twist: the below image is me)

(obviously its not really, but in another life I look that good)

  • Dray N Blue

Instagram =

Website =

A brand for female tracksuits. Good quality, fitted/ cropped tracksuits and tracksuit dresses in a range of colours and style – basically what’s not to love because I live in tracksuits and crop tops…

  • Drink Up

Instagram =

Website =

Literally every single event I go to these cups are at. Birthdays, video shoots, music events… they are great for special occasions. You personalise the cups with whatever photo you want, and text, and you can chose a colour for the cups as well. Happy days!

  • Sweet Treats

Instagram =

I had to include this brand because I’m addicted to sweet. They customise jars of sweets based on your bespoke order….  Literally can’t think of anything better in life.

  • Trillect London

Instagram =

Website =

Think bright camo pieces, oversized hoodies, flames, florescent orange, baggy tracksuits, crops… essentially everything I love at the moment. This brand caught my eye when I first walked in, loved the pieces and really think they stood out.

  • Apparel By Her

Instagram =

Website =

An online fashion boutique. Was great to meet these lovely ladies in person. They have a wide range of items on their site so check them out!

  • TGlitz Boutique

Instagram =

Thought I’d include this brand as well because I’m obsessed with eye glitter and the pigment in these glitters was amazing. Check them out.

There was so many great brands I could go on forever, and I haven’t left anyone off on purpose I just don’t want the post to be too long!! But just wanted to say a big congrats to Table Bay for putting on an amazing event, I’m sure I’m one of many that had a great time and can’t wait for the next one 😊

And for any brands that want to be involved in the next one, get in touch with them now!

Side note – apologies for my informal blogger style write up, I’m not one to go for the most organised approach so just thought I’d do it my own way and see what happens. If anyone wants me to come to their event to do a write up/ drink the free booze then I’m all about that life, hit me up 😊

Ciao for now – Elz, the Witch

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