The 5 Best and Worst Products for Redheads

The 5 Best and Worst Products for Redheads

So this is my first ever blogger collaboration and I’m really excited about it 🙂

Joanna is a fellow redhead and has her own blog (Simply Redhead) and YouTube channel which focuses on Beauty/ Lifestyle/ Fashion advice for redheads. She predominantly does YouTube videos a lot of which have reallllllyyyy useful tips for redheads, particularly for hair and makeup.

Essentially, her website and YouTube channel are what mine would be like if I wasn’t crap at editing videos, and doing my website!

Before I started my blog, I used to follow a few redhead bloggers and Joanna was one of the main ones. So I am really excited to be teaming up with her on our first post together!

We wanted to cover something we both thought would be useful and relatable to redheads, and hopefully provide a few pointers on what/ what not to use in your beauty routine!

For this post we decided to focus on the 5 best, and worst, products to use as a redhead. I have done the usual and written about my 5 best and worst, and Joanna has done a YouTube video on hers which I will include below… so without further ado please read and enjoy!

5 Best Products

  1. Lip Liner for Eyebrows

 I’ve mentioned this one before in my eyebrow tutorial for redheads but I thought I would mention it again as it’s definitely one of the best product discoveries I’ve had for redheads.

As I mentioned in my previous post, makeup companies tend to be lacking in their ability to cater for redheads, especially in the eyebrow department. Generally most companies offer eyebrow pencils/ kits for blonde, light brown and brunettes – which is great because obviously all of those colours really suit the fact that I have bright red hair sprouting from my head.

Anyway, the trick is to apply your normal eyebrow products, and then go over them with a orange/ red lip liner to make them the same colour of your hair 🙂 It really does transform the way your makeup looks and allows you to match your eyebrows to your hair colour.

If you want information on the product that I use, its all in my article on eyebrows for redheads 🙂

  1. Golden Eye – Tones

 Firstly, GoldenEye is a great game. Secondly, I’m not talking about GoldenEye the game I just wanted an excuse to mention it. What I really mean is golden tones on your eyes.

9 times out of 10 when I apply my makeup I use gold tones. The colour adds detail to my makeup whilst really bringing out my eyes. It is a soft make up look that I dress up with the pair of eyelashes for a night out, or just apply mascara for a daytime look.

Paired with a gold/ champagne coloured highlighter it gives you a subtle glow that really goes well with your hair colour.

I couldn’t live without my Naked Eye Palette from Urban Decay, the quality of their eye-shadows is very very good and is 100% worth the investment.

I tend to use half-baked and smog on my eyelids, and then sin on my brow bone for some highlight!

  1. Laura Mercier Setting Powder

 This one product changed my whole life. Literally one of the best products you can buy. Ask anyone who uses it.

Basically, the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder is used to set and hold your makeup in place. Have you ever applied flawless makeup, then looked in the mirror a few hours later and its done a snakes & ladders and slipped half way down your face?

I have combination skin, meaning my nose/ forehead/ chin get very oily, whereas the rest of my face is just normal. I used to apply mattifying primer, pressed powder, setting spray…. I tried everything to prevent my makeup from becoming oily so quickly. Then I discovered baking and all my problems vanished.

Baking is done with a damp makeup sponge, after you’ve applied your foundation and concealer. Dab the makeup sponge into the Laura Mercier Setting Powder, and apply under your eyes, your nose, forehead, chin… anywhere that you feel gets oily as time goes by. Don’t be afraid to apply a lot, because after 10 minutes you brush it all off and you’re good to go.

Go buy it now!!

  1. Black and Red Lipstick

 Contray to popular belief, if you wear black lipstick you don’t always end up looking like a Goth. One of the great things about being a redhead is that you can get away with wearing black lipstick. It is quite a bold makeup statement, however it actually doesn’t look half bad and adds a bit of edge to your look.

If you aren’t willing to try black lipstick then, as a redhead, you can never go wrong with red lipstick. I’ve read a few redhead articles where they state that red lipstick isn’t a good choice for redheads.

Well as a Witch I can tell you they are wrong. And I am right.

Depending on which shade you go for, red lipstick can be elegant, it can be eye popping, it can be sexy, it can be bright and playful…. There are so many different shades to choose from to suit different occasions!

Brown/ nude lips are my go to choice for my day to day makeup.

  1. Clear Spray Sunscreen

 As a redhead with pale skin, I always make sure that before I go on holiday I’ve applied an adequate amount of fake tan, or had a spray tan.

What’s not so great is when you’re on holiday and you have to apply a load of thick, sticky sun cream onto your fake bronze skin. Nothing speeds up the process of making your fake tan go shit than applying sun cream to it every day. You can be on a week long holiday and 2 days in you end up having to scrub all of your tan off because it’s gone patchy. Not ideal.

There is however, a great tactic to avoid this. Garnier Ambre Solaire Clear Protect + (they go up to SPF 50+, good news). This clear spray is a game changer for prolonging the life of your fake tan on holiday.

All you have to do is spray a fuck load of it onto your skin and let it dry. Because it’s clear, you don’t have to rub it in (which is what causes your tan to get messed up in the first place).

I normally take a couple of bottles on holiday as you end up using quite a lot of it, but it is all worth it in the name of fake tan.

5 Worst Products

  1. Bright Colours

You know how some people can wear those fuchsia pinks, greens, oranges, yellows, purples… essentially any bright clothes? The bright colours complement their complexion and hair, and it all just works.

The opposite can be said for redheads and bright colours. There is something oh so tragic about throwing on a brightly coloured dress and looking in the mirror. The pale skin, hair, freckles, eye colour situation just doesn’t go well with stand out colours.

The worst is when you’re on holiday and a tanned goddess walks past you in her bright bikini and your sat there in the shadows in your neutral coloured kimono and sun hat, covered in sun cream, envious as hell .

  1. Bronzer – Too Much of It

Can never have too much of a good thing ey??? Oh how wrong you are.

Sometimes we crave for the finer things in life, and as redheads a little sunkissed complexion wouldn’t go a miss. Have you ever applied your foundation and thought… you know what, I could deal with being less pale today. You proceed to reach for your bronzer and give your face the once over (or so you think), and leave the house feeling good.

What doesn’t feel so good is when you look back on old photos of yourself with a seemingly tangy cheese doritio coloured face.

Thank god for contouring as it’s taught me to only apply bronzer to certain parts of my face. Bronzer is a great product however it’s VERY easy to fuck it up.


  1. Bright Pink Lipstick

On par, if not worse, than wearing bright colours when you’re a redhead, would have to be taking a bright colour and slapping it onto your lips.

When I was 17/18 I loved Nicki Minaj (this was in her mixtape days). To celebrate the release of her first album she brought out a limited edition MAC lipstick called ‘Pink Friday’, so naturally I had to have it. The colour was a very animated, bright, baby pink colour and it looked great… on her.

As I applied the lipstick to my lips, my dreams of having Barbie pink lips disintegrated rapidly. Think Vicky Pollard if she discovered how to do her make up properly but didn’t want to part from the chav life fully.

  1. Blusher

 Some people may disagree with me on this one but fuck it, it’s my opinion from past experience 🙂 . Blusher… a product that I’ve worn probably a handful of times in my life and never been happy about it.

As redheads we tend to go red very easily for little to no reason. So please tell me why, of all the amazing makeup products I could chose from to make me look good, I would voluntarily select something that makes me look like I’ve just been on a 20 minute jog or I’m going through the menopause.

The very beauty of being able to wear make up, is being able to cover up  blemishes/ sunburn/ flustered cheeks… and when I apply blusher to my face I feel like I’m in an episode of Rosie and Jim…

And for that reason… I’m out.

  1. Smokey Eyes

 Isn’t it any girl who likes makeup’s dream to be able to perfect the smokey eye? We all go through years of trials and tribulations, YouTube tutorials, nights out, make up wipes etc. to try and achieve the ‘smokey eye’.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I went out when I was younger thinking I’d done a banging smokey eye, only to look back on the photos and really all I did was take a lump of coal and smudge it across both eyelids.

 I invested countless sessions getting ready to perfect my smokey eye technique, and just when I managed to do so… I realised how much it doesn’t suit me.

As a redhead, there is something about the intense, dark features of a smokey eye that drown me out. I have grey/ green/ blue eyes, and whacking on a load of black eyeshadow takes away from my actual eyes themselves. A smokey eye is very bold, and with the delicate features that redheads have, it does tend to overpower the face somewhat.

I wouldn’t say its complete a no go, but also there are hundreds of other makeup looks you can go for. Personally, if I’m gonna do dark tones on my eyes I go for browns/ bronzes as it complements my colouring more 🙂

Joanna’s 5 Best and Worst Products for Redheads – Simply Redhead:

 Hopefully we have outlined some useful tips for you to take on!

Thanks to Joanna for collaborating with me. We thought – two redheads are better than one, and by teaming up we have double the experience and knowledge, so it only made sense 🙂

Joanna’s website is:

Her YouTube Channel is: Simply Redhead

So go and follow her now, and watch some of her other videos as they are really useful for more good products/ makeup tips!

If you have any questions, as always please contact me!

Ciao for Now – Elz, the Witch.

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  1. Loved doing this collab with you! Thank you for reaching out to me ❤ Such useful tips – guys, she let me in on the clear sunscreen tip the other week and it really works! Yay for being tanned on holiday for the first time in my life next week 😎

  2. This was so helpful! I did not know about clear suncream on top of faketan. As a redhead I love pinks! Light pink dresses and nail colours ect. Love all your blogs ❤

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