Witch’s Playlists 

Witch’s Playlists:

I get people asking me all of the time about the songs that play in the back of my snapchats/ and Instagram stories. True to my aggy nature, I always find myself thinking ‘do I looked like a radio station!?’. 

No I am not a radio station (although I would love to have a radio show so if anyone can hook a girl up then let me know lol)… but yes I am happy to share my immaculate taste in music with the world. 

I thought why not be productive and put my favourite songs/ recommendations into a playlist (or four) for people to listen to! 

2 hours later here we are… I’ve created a set of playlists that represent different genres in music that I love (you’ll come to learn that I’m meant to be living in the 90s either in New York or LA… I’ve not decided on a coast yet). 
I’ll be updating these playlists weekly so please follow, share, like… do whatever 🙂 they are on Apple Music ATM but I’ve also put them on Spotify, my username is ‘ElzTheWitch’. 

If anyone has any recommendations then I’m always open to hearing Now music so please message me! 

    1. Classic Hip Hop 

REAL Hip Hop. I have a fascination with lyricists, I could sit and listen to someone rhyme all day, but at the same time I am all about production/ beats… so you will hear a bit of both in this playlist. 


    2. Current Hip Hop 

I try to keep up to date with new Hip Hop. So many debates to be had over the state of Hip Hop today… it is different. This playlist is basically songs that get me hyped and make me wanna go out… nothing more! 


    3. Classic RnB 

My whole life 😍. All of my friends now, that if I touch an aux cable I am gonna play some classic RnB. This is MY genre. I didn’t wanna give all my good songs away at first so I’m gonna update this one as I go along… 


    4. New-Age RnB 

Real RnB is dead, don’t care what anyone says. But there is a new sound that I like… I would prettt much thank Partynextdoor amongst a few others for this sound. Enjoy 🙂 

Thank me later 🙂 
Will be updating them weekly so keep up. 
Ciao for now – Elz, the Witch