What Women Say vs. What They Actually Mean

What Women Say vs. What They Actually Mean

After my posts on ‘The 7 Types of Guy that Will Move to You’ and ‘DM Sliding Etiquette’, I felt it was only right that I do an article to help the guys out – rather than put them on blast all the time.

I guess I’m just a great person like that you know.

Women are VERY complex creatures; our brains work completely the different to that of a man’s. Unlike men, we are very talented at multitasking, which means we can go about our day to day life, whilst our brains are doing a madness dissecting an event which occurred 5 years ago at 22 minutes past 8 in the evening.

When a woman falls for someone, they turn into some sort of Mi5 agent/ Sherlock Holmes genius. We think we have it all figured out – which is hilarious considering how many women get cheated on. I always see those meme’s that say stuff like ‘don’t mess with a woman – we find out everything’…. Great, good for you. You may be able to find stuff out about your man, but you didn’t prevent it though did you?

We do tend to overlook one very key factor – men are not psychic. We act in a certain way, to get the reaction that we desire, but don’t actually communicate what that reaction should be. So when we receive a different reaction to the one that we desired, we get even more pissed off.

We say one thing, when in reality we mean something completely different.

It’s a lose lose situation for guys… how the hell were you supposed to tap into my brain to decipher what I actually meant when I told you to do something, you did it, and now I’m pissed off because I didn’t want you to ACTUALLY go ahead and do it.

I’ve therefore drawn together a list things that women say vs what we actually mean, cause I know you guys get it tough when it comes to keeping us happy! 🙂

**Disclaimer – this are just my opinions so as always take them with a pinch of salt**

  1. We’ll See

I’ve used this phrase before for several reasons which tend to translate to:

  • No.
  • That will never happen
  • I’ve not been listening and quite frankly the conversation is quite boring so let’s end it here.

For the ‘no’ response, women will flat out just say ‘we’ll see’… no bullshit either side of it.

‘mmhmmm… we’ll see’, is more along the lines of – literally whatever you just said will never even happen so I’ve added the mmhmm for extra pity.

*sigh* ‘we’ll see’… if a woman sighs it usually means she’s bored, so if she sighs before saying ‘we’ll see’ she is trying to end the conversation so just go along with it.

  1. K


Shots fired.

‘K’ is the universal response for anyone who wants someone to know that they’re pissed off. It dates back to MSN times (if you don’t know what MSN messenger is then you’re too young).

‘K’ is like the ultimate disrespect. Its immature nature makes it all the more effective as it instantly pisses off the receiving party…

Using a ‘K’ is like issuing someone a ‘go to jail’ card in monopoly, or a ‘pick up 4 cards’ card Uno – it pisses the other person off for your own benefit. You get the instant satisfaction from making them temporarily lose the game, however once they start playing again it frustrates you – you want them stay in jail and suffer!

How you respond to a ‘K’ is what really makes it complex. It’s a very closed end statement, so technically it should finish a conversation – therefore your natural instinct would be to not respond. HOWEVER, not responding when a woman sends you a ‘K’ is detrimental. When she sends you a ‘K’, for some unknown reason, she wants you to respond with recognition of everything she thinks you’ve done wrong, and an apology. Which is hard given that most of the time you won’t know exactly what you’ve done wrong.

If you don’t respond then you’ll make her even more angry, but you will have more control.

If you do respond you will have to pretend to apologise for something you are unsure of.

The path is yours to choose, at your own risk.

  1. Have Fun

Well obviously I don’t want you to have fun, why else would I tell you to do so.

Women say this to show effect compassion whilst being a selfish bitch at the same time. She does want you to have fun, to a certain extent, just not TOO much fun.

  1. Do Whatever You Want

Similar to point number 3.

By all means do something, just don’t do whatever YOU want. Do what I want, which is for you to not do whatever you want to do and instead read my mind to figure out the exact actions that I wish for you to take in order to make me un-annoyed… which is more or less to perform a miracle.

I don’t know why women even bother with this one. You’re just taking all of your toys and dashing them out of the pram for no reason other than the fact that you’re pissed off.

It doesn’t solve anything.

  1. Doesn’t Matter

It doesn’t matter.

But it does.

So when I tell you it doesn’t matter, don’t say okay and go about your business…

There is a running theme here, women say closed end phrases to get an open-ended reaction. Makes zero sense but we will carry on doing it regardless.

What your woman is looking for with this particular phrase is for you to carry on asking her what is wrong until either 1. By some streak of luck she actually tells you 2. You guess what you think you may have done wrong and try to address it, or 3. You apologise for something, even if you don’t know what it is.

  1. Silent Treatment

There are a million and one things females can say to confuse you. And then there are the women who chose to say nothing at all. Silent but deadly.

This is the category I fall into.

As a subject matter expert, I live by the mindset that saying nothing at all is more effective then saying too much. Which has its pros and cons.

If you piss me off, chances are I’m not going to mention it, instead I’ll just limit my communication for a few days or so until I’m over it. I either 1. Won’t respond to you at all or 2. Will respond but very make it very limited.

I’m not a confrontational person so I’d prefer for someone to miss me, rather than for me to be jumping down their throat telling them everything they’ve done wrong. The down side is that you don’t actually get to address the issues with the other person, and stuff sometimes get swept under the rug, which is peak.

Guys, if you’re in a situation where a girl is has started to distance herself from you, or she isn’t speaking to you – she wants you to communicate with her. She’s probably just looking for you to pay more attention by showing you less of it.


Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

Women will say one thing and mean the complete opposite.

Men – take note of what I’ve said in this article, if you’ve genuinely done something to piss your girl off – then just address it and take responsibility. Don’t ignore it and risk making the situation worse – the reason women say stupid things like ‘it doesn’t matter’, is because a lot of the time you make it hard for us to communicate the reasons we are annoyed by dismissing it.

Women – we need to stop being so difficult. If we have an issue we should just say it. The male brain doesn’t work like ours, they are more straight forward and to the point. They often need to be told what you are thinking, as they can’t exactly guess.

But most importantly – we all need to stop playing a game. Since when did it become a bad thing to talk about what your problems are rather than saying cryptic shit to try and get the upper hand in a situation.

Food for thought init.

As always if you have any questions then please get in contact.

Ciao for now – Elz, the Witch